Don’t Ignore These Common Brake Problems

One of the most important safety features in vehicles are the brake systems. While almost everyone knows that brakes are important, not everyone knows how to tell when their brake system is... read more

What Happens When Your Car Doesn’t Pass Emissions?

Wisconsin’s Emissions Testing Explained   Vehicles are one of the top contributors to air pollutants which is why keeping tailpipe emissions at a minimum is key to improving air quality and reducing... read more

Guide to Winter Tires

What to Look for Before you Buy   The basic job of your vehicle’s tires is to keep the car controlled while on the road. Winter tires—commonly referred to as snow tires—give... read more

How Cold Temperatures Affect your Vehicle – What You Should Know

  January in Southeastern Wisconsin usually comes with temperatures in the single digits, with wind chills feeling painful and sometimes even dangerous. We touched on winter car care tips in our blog... read more

Winter Car Care Tips

How to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape During Cold Weather   With bitter Wisconsin temperatures upon us, it’s time to start thinking about winter car care. Ice, snow and salt can... read more

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