Suspension System & Alignments

A vehicle’s suspension system provides grip, steering, and control. Routine maintenance of your suspension system will help keep you safe and your drive smooth. Common steering and suspension repair services include, shocks, struts, ball joints and wheel alignments. These parts work together to dampen energy, reduce road shocks and improve the grip of your tires. If any of these systems fail, it becomes a safety issue.

WJ Kuhn Automotive Center can inspect, repair or replace any component of your suspension system. Our ASE certified technicians work on everything from shocks and struts to power steering pumps.

Common suspension system problems

A car that pulls hard to the left, or the right has a suspension problem. Uneven tire pressure, poor alignment, bad tie rods, a sticking brake caliper can all be the culprit. It’s a common problem that’s difficult to diagnosis without an automotive expert. Whatever is causing it, will only get worse with time.

If your car has a rough ride, it could be an indicator of faulty shocks or struts. Or, if you hear any clunking or rattling while going over bumps it’s time to bring it in for an inspection. Visually watch your tires for uneven and premature tire wear. If you notice any of these problems with your suspension system contact WJ Kuhn Automotive Center for a comprehensive inspection.

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