Brake Repair Service

A safe car starts with reliable brakes.  The ability to stop the car could be the difference between life and death. This makes routine brake inspections and maintenance a part of being a responsible car owner.  It dramatically reduces the chances of an unexpected failure. You never know when a car will run a red light or when you may need to put the pedal to the floor. One thing is certain though; you’ll want your brakes to be operating correctly when you need them most.

WJ Kuhn Automotive Center provides expert brake inspections, repairs and replacement services. We have the experience and the equipment to work with today’s sophisticated braking systems.

Common Brake Problems

Your vehicle will give a handful of warning signals when your brakes are becoming a problem. Some warnings are heard and others can be felt. The early warning signal to listen out for is a high-pitched squealing sound. This comes from a metal worn indicator inside the brake pad. It’s easy to miss, but this is often the first warning sign that your brakes need an inspection. If you notice a soft pedal, a hard pedal, ABS warning lights or any grinding vibrations a major problem is brewing. At a minimum, you should have your brakes inspected annually to ensure your continued safety.


WJ Kuhn Automotive Center has been providing brake repairs and replacement services to Oak Creek, Franklin, South Milwaukee and surrounding areas for decades. Don’t trust just anyone with your braking system. Call WJ Kuhn Automotive Center first.


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