Suspension System & Alignments

Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of shocks, struts, ball joints and more. They all work harmoniously to produce a smooth and comfortable ride. Connected to your car’s chassis, steering system and tires, it dampens energy from road shocks and helps your tires grip the road below. Your suspension system is almost as important as your braking system as it controls your vehicles handling.

WJ Kuhn Automotive & Collision Center can inspect, repair or replace any component of your suspension system. Our ASE certified technicians work on everything from shocks and struts to power steering pumps.

Common suspension system problems

  • Pulling to one side while driving.
  • Wheels jerk back and forth.
  • Harsh bumps and shocks from the road.
  • Uneven and premature tire wear.
  • Clunks and rattles noises when going over bumps in the road.

If you notice any problems with your suspension system contact WJ Kuhn Automotive & Collision Center for a comprehensive inspection.

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