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WJ Kuhn Automotive & Collision Center can help you setup a scheduled maintenance plan to ensure continued safety and reliability for your vehicle. While many people use the word tune up, the term is technically incorrect. In the past, older cars needed an overhaul of wires, ignitions, pcv valves and distributer caps. Today, however, we follow the manufacturers’ specifications for changing out parts unless your vehicle is experiencing performance issues.

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Scheduled maintenance involves performing inspections on important systems such as the brakes and suspension, replacing filters, and changing the vehicle’s fluids. Over time, brake fluid can turn acidic, and coolant slowly loses it’s ability to maintain proper temperatures. Other important components such as timing belts, fans and hoses will also need to be inspected for wear and tear.

WJ Kuhn Automotive & Collision Center can help keep your vehicle performing optimally. Whether you need new spark plugs, wires, filters or engine repair, we are here to help. Our shop is ASE certified and we are also a NAPA Autocare approved shop. We hold an A+ Rating with the BBB and have been providing high quality automotive repairs for Oak Creek, Franklin, South Milwaukee and surrounding areas for decades.

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